About Us

The Nameless Ones [TNO] is an active community of passionate players who have gathered to form one of the most diverse multiserver guilds in Guild Wars 2. We are a PvX guild with members who engage in all content Guild Wars 2 has to offer. Our goal-driven community thrives on the collaboration of our members to push each other to achieve greatness.

Whether you're a dedicated raider, a fractal champion, or an avid PvP competitor, we have an empty seat waiting for you. We invite you to explore our site to discover what it means to be one of The Nameless Ones!

We Offer


We boast a widely supportive band of players with a range of knowledge unmatched by other guilds. Above all, we are a family of individuals, not just numbers on a roster. We are a community that promotes positivity, self improvement, and supports each other in achieving our goals.

Giving Back

We host a substantial amount of giveaways and lotteries that often increase in prize value based on the number of entrants. We’ve even given away Legendary weapons and hope to continue giving back to the players that make this possible.


With our developed ranking system and opportunities for progression, members are given the freedom to make a meaningful impact on what we do as a guild. Active members are given opportunities to lead Raid teams, guild missions, and WvW excursions that could culminate into a promotion within our guild ranks.

Upgraded Guild Hall

With a collaborative effort from the entire guild, we have been able to achieve the most advanced upgrades possible. Our Guild Hall services include: passive buffs, personal enhancements, guild PvP arena, daily gathering nodes, scribe station, guild portal, and a variety of npc traders. We are also pride to have skillful and creative decorators that put their hearts and efforts to make our Guild Hall even greater.