Raid Guide

Hello, and welcome to the TNO Raid Learner Section!

The following is important information for everyone that wants to start raiding. Although the following is intended for new players, it can also be useful for anyone that wants to sharpen their skills. The material is dense, so if you have any questions go ahead and contact our guild raid leaders, bigbobpataki.4796 or Malephar.3579, in game or on discord. TNO has a decent raiding population, so if you ask a question in guild chat you can expect an answer there as well.

Below you will find guides for builds, the raid fights, and other miscellaneous items such as raid courtesy and a few guild requirements for training runs:

  • Attitude while Raiding: For training groups, wiping and failing is part of the learning experience and should be expected. Maintaining a positive attitude is important for the group's progression. Raging in chat or on discord will not be tolerated, and you will not have much fun anyway. Generally, if you see someone doing something wrong, the Raid Leader likely has as well. If you see the same person repeating the same mistake multiple times, whisper the Commander (and only the Commander) about it. Please do not flat out insult people and keep criticism constructive. Remember that our main goal is to maintain a positive community where everyone can enjoy the game, from starter to veteran. Feel free to talk about strategy and make suggestions to the raid leader.

  • Voice Comms: It is crucial to communicate with others in any cooperative content and raids are no different. Fight explanations will given through Discord, along with important calls during the encounters. Don't worry if you don't have a mic, as talking is encouraged but not required. Of course you should always feel free to use in-game chat. The link for our server can be found in the Discord tab, together with a download link. Although Discord can be used from your browser, we recommend you to download the app as it works better than the browser version of it and allows you to use voice activation for your mic.

  • DPS Meters: Somewhat of a hot topic as ArenaNet does not allow many mods or addons compared to most MMOs. As an exception to the rule, ArenaNet has repeatedly stated that DPS Meters are legal according to the User Agreement as long as they only read combat data (Reddit Post). Most raiders use DPS Meters (including us), and we've never heard of anyone being banned for their usage. This is still considered a 3rd party application, so use it at your own risk. Because some people might not feel comfortable running them, this is NOT a requirement for training raids. We recommend you using it as a self-improvement tool if you feel like comparing your damage to other players. Because it is training, we won't judge anyone based on their DPS. The only supported and updated tool at the moment is ArcDPS, which can be downloaded and installed clicking here (the website is ugly, I know, but it is the right one). Do not use any other meter, including the now defunct BGDM.

  • Class Builds: Raids represent GW2's greatest PvE challenge. Because of this, raid builds and composition are highly optimized and set by the raid leader. The team composition for raids is usually: 2 Mesmers - Chronomancers (provides quickness / alacrity), 2 Rangers - Druids (provides 25 might / regeneration / spirit buffs and healing), 1 Warrior - Berzerker (provides banner buffs) and 5 DPS Classes (Varies from boss to boss, but generally it can be any class). This achieves an efficient group that can succeed on most bosses. This is not orthodoxy though and can be tweaked and changed. As long as we have a slot for you (4 Support/6 DPS) we will take you regardless of class. It can be a bit disappointing when you have to change your play style and build. However, part of working as a team is optimizing your class so you can offer as much as possible for the team. Gear wise, it can be difficult to obtain gear like Viper's, so it is encouraged to try to be on meta as possible. There are many of websites with guides for different builds, but the ones recommended by us are Snow Crows and quanTify. You can also find a different builds that get very close to optimal but include some changes to help new learners, mostly with survivability. To check our recommended builds for each Profession and Specialization, check our Build Guide.

  • Gameplay Tips: Bring the Raid Consumables required for your class. They are part of your build and are as important as your gear. The right ones might be a bit expensive, and if you cannot really afford them it is fine to use cheaper alternatives (i.e. Super Veggie Pizza instead of Rare). One of the best ways to get those cheaper ones is through the Permanent Portable Provisioner, obtainable from World vs. World. It allows you to buy tier 5 food for 5 Badges of Honor each. Stacking on the group is a major raid mechanic. Most of the boons and heals on this game work with AoE (Area of Effect); if you're outside of that you will not get benefits from them. Most of the stack points will be behind the boss, so take that as a general rule.

Raid Bosses