Here you'll find the links for the most used builds in raids for every Profession and Specialization. As a reminder, these builds are all tested in realistic raid conditions. They have been proven to be the most optimized builds for both starter and veteran players. However, they are very restrictive and unfortunately some classes are limited to a single build; other options will provide almost no support or damage for the team composition.

Some terminology or reasons given for build choices in these guides might not make sense, so try to follow them to the best of your ability. The rotations are likely to be new to you also, so practice makes a big difference. Take a few hours and practice in the Special Forces Training Area and improve your gameplay. Aim for the benchmarks, but do not be frustrated if you do not reach them. If you reach around 80% of the DPS listed there with the recommended boons you already are on point for raids. Enjoy the guides and good luck on your training!

Profession Builds