TNO's Lottery July 1, 2016 at 5 pm PDT

As a member of TNO, you are eligible to enter our lottery for the chance to win a weekly prize! Each week a different stack of items will be randomly generated for prizing. The size of this stack is determined by the amount of entries into the lottery.


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Lottery Djinn


Tickets are 50 silver each. Members can purchase as many tickets as they’d like; however, only 10 tickets will be applied to each week's lottery. Overflow ticket purchases will be applied to the next week's lottery at a rate of 10 per week. No refunds will be given for previously purchased entries.

All entries must be submitted to Vlak via in-game mail. No submissions will be accepted by any other TNO personnel.

Entries must be submitted by 11pm PST on the day before the drawing.