Code of Conduct

No Sexual Language

In an effort to create a comfortable environment for all guild members, any conversation that involves sexual language will not be accepted in the guild chat channel. This includes references to sexual acts, private body parts, and explicit stories.

No Soliciting

Joining TNO is a commitment to our community. Soliciting of any kind, including any attempts to poach members to another guild, will not be tolerated.

No Bigotry

Members are required to treat their peers with respect and dignity. Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes making fun of or harassing other members, especially based on sex, religion, race, or even in-game profession.

We are a friendly community built on teaching each other and improving ourselves. Elitism against other players is not acceptable. We encourage constructive criticism between our members as a means to increase the knowledge across the guild as a whole.

Representation is Required

All members must represent TNO at all times. There are few exceptions to this rule as follows:

  • Personal bank guilds are allowed
  • Representing TTS during world boss events
  • Roaming World vs World guilds (In WvW zones)
  • Raiding guilds